The House Robot of Mechanical Mayhem are the defenders of The MM arena long with Refs known as Ref Bot and Mr Giggles .


the biggest of the house robots, AfterBurner is a large brute who's main weapon is brute force. It originaly had a dropping-style (up and down movement) axe in the rear, but it was later replaced with a flipper, and eventually a side swinging axe.


Agent was one of the first house robots, first appearing in the Pure Evil Competition, he had no proper weapons, just pushing power and a wedge.


Golem was a large robot with a very powerful full body flipper. he was modified and replaced many times, but this is never noticed.

The Rebel:Edit

The Rebel was another flipper, but not ws strong as Golem's. He did however have better pushing power.


Agent Was replaced before het A of Mechanical Mayhem, by a spinning robot called Thrasher( possibly it's most famous moment was it's spike going completly through the arena wall). Thrasher was later completly re-built as an axe robot with two large wheels, but in series 2, Agent and Thrasher's first version ( the new version now called Juggernaught ) will return, with some revisions.