The original Scoop.

Scoop is a famous robot, wich started out in Random Robot-Wars. He was a cardbord box with a scoop-shaped flipper at the front, and a wedge at the back, and on top of being featured in Random Robot Wars, he has also been in ADW, Robo War, Richies Robotwars, Robot Wars Great, and it is said that he will feature in series 2 of Mechanical Mayhem.


The robot Scooper was based off of Scoop, and they have fought, but only off-camera.

Robot Wars GR8 Scoop

The combination of Friends and RWG's design of Scoop inspired Harold .

Scoop competed in the first series of Robot Wars Lego Madness, reaching the semifinals and finishing as the 9th seed. However, this version of Scoop was lost during the three-year period between Series 1 and Series 2, and so previous heat finalist V-Wing was given the seeding instead.