Robot Wars 2018/20th Anniversary Series

A Fan Made Series Made,Presented And Commentated By RetroTastic Had 6 Episodes And Had A Format Similar To Series 10.

It Had 3 Way Group Battles,Robot Redemptions,Semifinals And A Heat Final For The Heats And A 5 Robot Death Race To Determine The Wildcard,The 6th Grand Finalist, 3rd Place Playoff And The Final Fight! The Series Was Won By X-Terminator Who Beat Panic Attack Not Once,Not Twice,But Three Times.

We Also See The Return Of Sgt.Bash And Refbot And Some More Old Favourites Like X-Terminator,Chaos 2 And Even Live Events Favourite,Ripper.

In November 2018 The Tag Team Terror Has Been Filmed For 2 Episodes And Will Be On Youtube In December 2018.


Group Battle 1:X-Terminator Vs Firestorm 5 Vs Panic Attack Winner:X-Terminator

Group Battle 2:Tornado Vs Carbide (2) Vs Storm 2 Winner:Tornado

Redemption 1:Firestorm 5 Vs Carbide Winner:Carbide (2)

Redemption 2:Storm 2 Vs Panic Attack Winner:Panic Attack

Semifinal 1:X-Terminator Vs Carbide Winner:X-Terminator

Semifinal 2:Tornado Vs Panic Attack

Heat Final:X-Terminator Vs Panic Attack Winner:X-Terminator

Group Battle 1:Apollo (5) Vs Aftershock (7) Vs Terrorhurtz (6) Winner:Apollo

Group Battle 2:Chaos 2 Vs Pussycat Vs Thermidor 2 Winner:Chaos 2

Redemption 1:Pussycat Vs Terrorhurtz Winner:Pussycat

Redemption 2:Aftershock Vs Thermidor 2 Winner:Aftershock

Semifinal 1:Chaos 2 Vs Aftershock Winner:Chaos 2

Semifinal 2:Apollo Vs Pussycat Winner:Apollo

Heat Final:Apollo Vs Chaos 2 Winner:Apollo

Group Battle 1:Eruption (1) Vs King B Remix Vs Magnetar (4) Winner:Eruption

Group Battle 2:Push To Exit (9) Vs Stinger Vs TR3 Winner:Push To Exit

Redemption 1:Stinger Vs Magnetar Winner:Stinger

Redemption 2:TR3 Vs King B Remix Winner:TR3

Semifinal 1:Eruption Vs Stinger Winner:Eruption

Semifinal 2:Push To Exit Vs TR3 Winner:Push To Exit

Heat Final:Eruption Vs Push To Exit Winner:Eruption

Group Battle 1:Thor (10) Vs Bot Cena Vs Behemoth (3) Winner:Thor

Group Battle 2:V-Max Vs Mantis Vs Ripper Winner:Ripper

Redemption 1:V-Max Vs Bot Cena Winner:V-Max

Redemption 2:Behemoth Vs Mantis Winner:Behemoth

Semifinal 1:Thor Vs V-Max Winner:Thor

Semifinal 2:Ripper Vs Behemoth Winner:Ripper

Heat Final:Thor Vs Ripper Winner:Thor

Group Battle 1:Razer Vs Hypno-Disc Vs Diotoir Winner:Razer

Group Battle 2:Expulsion Vs Track-tion Vs Rapid (8) Winner:Rapid

Redemption 1:Diotoir Vs Expulsion Winner:Diotoir

Redemption 2:Hypno-Disc Vs Track-tion Winner Hypno-Disc:

Semifinal 1:Razer Vs Hypno-Disc Winner:Razer

Semifinal 2:Diotoir Vs Rapid Winner:Diotoir

Heat Final:Razer Vs Diotoir Winner:Razer

Panic Attack Vs Chaos 2 Vs Push To Exit Vs Ripper Vs Diotoir

Winner:Panic Attack

Group Battle 1:X-Terminator Vs Apollo Vs Eruption Winner:X-Terminator

Group Battle 2:Thor Vs Panic Attack Vs Razer Winner:Thor

Redemption 1:Apollo Vs Razer Winner:Apollo

Redemption 2:Eruption Vs Panic Attack Winner:Panic Attack

Semifinal 1:X-Terminator Vs Apollo Winner:X-Terminator

Semifinal 2:Panic Attack Vs Thor Winner:Panic Attack

3rd Place-Off:Apollo Vs Thor Winner:Apollo

Grand Final:X-Terminator Vs Panic Attack Winner And Robot Wars 20th Anniversary Champion:X-TERMINATOR!

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