Below are the respective rules that each Minibot Wars competitor should follow. If a robot is found violating any of these rules, it will be classed as a breach of safety and result in a penalty. The Official Rules are for safety and balanced fights and cannot be violated under any circumstances.

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Penalties Edit

Competitors must understand the penalties awarded if a breach of rules occurs.

Level Description Penalties Awarded
1 A Level 1 offense is considerably minor and is not a health and safety breach. The offender may have broken a design rule or fight rule (e.g. getting a head start). - Rematch

- Restart

- Rematch with Time Penalty

- Removal of Illegal Components

2 A Level 2 offense is something on a robot that is potentially dangerous (e.g. exceeding a pneumatic pressure limit) , or a significant breach of a fight rule (e.g. jumpstarting and causing damage to an opponent). This is also used if a competitor has been awarded two Level 1 offenses. - Official Elimination from a Tournament Bracket

- Removal of Illegal Components

- Removal of Weapon

3 A Level 3 offense is a severe breach of health and safety (e.g. absence of removable link) or repeated Level 1 and 2 offenses. This is also awarded to robots who purposely destroy the side walls of the arena as this endangers the audience and roboteers. - Official Elimination from a Tournament Bracket

- Disqualification From an Event

- Suspension from applying for Minibot Wars

Lightweight Rules Edit

- All rolling robots must be under 10KG

- Walking or flying robots must be under 20KG

- Entanglement Weapons are allowed

- Pneumatic Pressure cannot exceed 2000PSI

- Hydraulic Pressure cannot exceed 3000PSI

- The following are not permitted on robots: lasers, sharp projectiles, liquids (apart from flamethrower fuel, petrol or hydraulic fluid), radio signal jammers or temperature changers.

NOTE: This list is not the limit for disallowed weapons and Minibot Wars can ban any weapon it deems unsafe.

- A robot cannot pin a robot for more than fifteen seconds against the floor or wall.

- A robot will be counted out if it lies immobile for 25 seconds.

- A robot cannot jumpstart or attack a robot that's in the process of being counted out.

- A robot may not purposely damage the arena or its hazards.

- A robot must have an accessible removable link.

- If a removable link fails of its own accord, a robot must must prove it can be turned off safely.

- A robot may not win a fight by pinning a robot under the Floor Flipper

- A robot may not win a fight by positioning its opponent against the wall. This rule does not apply if its opponent is already incapacitated.

- A robot can win a fight by pushing an opponent down the pit, flipping them out of the arena, leaving them incapacitated or leaving them unable to move out of their circumference.

- A fight without a definite winner will be decided by the judges with a 45 point scoring system.

- In Minibot Wars 2019, the anti-wedge hazards at the side of the arena are to be boarded up to prevent lightweights from driving out of the arena.