Lethal rampage or aka (pottery wheel ) is a spinner type weapon from killersophie offscreen garage series

garage series (2014- present) Edit

series 1 Edit

lethal rampages first fight in round 1 was hells lawnmower As the fight started hells lawnmower went to the pit release but lethal rampage hit the back end of hells lawnmower shedding it completely off with it's disk exposing it's wheels. Hells lawnmower tried using it's spinning saw to fight back but it was completely ripped off by lethal rampages disk. Then it was downhill for hells lawnmower the chassis collapsed it was compleatley destroyed and was counted out and pitted.

round 2 lethal weponss next opponent was the probe. As the fight started the probes wedge was deflecting the disk from lethal weapons weapon. The probe was dominating the fight As the probe tried to push lethal weapon it got a tire shredded off but due to bad driving the probe drove into growlers cpz where growler slammed into the probe breaking the chassis completely destroying it it was counted out and pitted.

round 3 lethal wepons next opponent was razer not much happend only damage was to one of razers self righting wing but then razer broke off the disk completely then razer pitted lethal weapon and was eliminated from the series

Notes: Edit

it was originality named pottery wheel but changed for unknown reasons

the weapon on lethal rampage is known to break off and spin like a top