Harolds original flipper face.

Harold is a yellow box witha full pressure flipper on it. It competes in Mechanical Mayhem. It made it's debut in Series 1 of Mechanical Mayhem.

Mechanical Mayhem (2010-Present)Edit

Harold started out in Heat J, where he went all the way to the Heat final before loosing to A9132 .

First Round

Defeated Big Block-Judges Decision.

Defeated Orbit- Judges Decision.

Second Round

Defeated Galiga -Flipped out of the Arena

Heat Final

Defeated by A9132.-Flipped out of the Arena.

Series 1 Seed Selection

Defeated by Butter-Flipped over, imobilized. 22nd Seed.


Harold was originally ment to be a version of Scoop to compete in Mechanical Mayhem ,but was turned into a Friends clone. He became a fan favorite.

His fight with Galiga was the shortest fight in the history of FMRW.